Add Your Church to Our Database of Special-Needs Welcoming Churches

Add Your Church to Our Database of Special-Needs Welcoming Churches

This week kicks off a new project I’m pretty excited about. Through my job at Key Ministry, I’ll be helping to create a database of churches across the country that are special-needs welcoming. When a family contacts Key, we hope to match them with a church in their area that meets their needs.

How you can help:

If you attend a church that is special-needs welcoming, send the person in charge the link to this form to fill out. If they want to read more about the project, you can send them this link to the Key Ministry blog.

It would also be so important if you could pray for this project! As you know, Lee and I see special-needs families as an unreached people group. That’s why we’re planting a church that will be accommodating from day 1.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if hundreds (thousands!!) of churches signed up and we were able to help thousands of families find a church that will welcome them! I think it’s possible and I’m excited to be a part of it!

1 thought on “Add Your Church to Our Database of Special-Needs Welcoming Churches

  1. Sandra, this is such an excellent project. Thank you!!! So much of the focus surrounds elementary children and families with special needs but the older population also needs attention and I’ve found nothing that addresses the teen/adult with special needs or their parents. Would you please consider these groups too as you are compiling your directory? As our daughter aged out of the children’s special needs program, she was fully included in the Teen Group. We have been trailblazers for our church there but have found essentially nothing to address the issues, nor anyone else who is in a similar situation. Additionally, she has just aged out of the Teen Group, she is truly grieving and cries during church times and I just hold her. There is nothing for her as an adult and she will soon age out of outside things like Young Life Capernaum. I understand why families with special needs have a hard time being a part of a church. Also, we parents find ourselves (even though we are leaders at the church) not fitting in to our age group, “the Empty Nesters” as we are still working hard at home (actually harder than ever since our daughter’s aging out of school) and it is hard to be around those our age with so much discretionary time. God’s great blessings on you with your wonderful work and your church planting!

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