Held: Learning to Live in God's Grip - a Bible Study for Special-Needs Parents Held: Learning to Live in God’s Grip is a Bible Study for special-needs parents by Lee and Sandra Peoples.

On November 16, 2010, Lee and Sandra’s lives changed with just a short sentence from a child psychologist, “We believe your son has autism.” In that moment, so much changed … but what didn’t change was that God still held the Peoples family, they were never out of His grip. In this Bible study written for special-needs parents by special-needs parents, you will learn you are not alone. Even when life feels out of control, it will help you remember He is in control. You will learn there is a future hope we all can cling to. You will learn there are others out there, just like you, who need to be shown they are also in the grip of God. Held: Learning to Live in God’s Grip is designed to be done alone, as a couple, or with a group. There are questions throughout each chapter that will help you think about the material and apply what you learn.

Speechless: Finding God’s Grace in My Son’s Autism is Sandra’s memoir, written about her family’s first year after their son’s autism diagnosis.

Speechless 250x250When Lee and Sandra Peoples took their son James in for his three year well-visit, they knew something was wrong. He was literally speechless–unable to say even basic words. A few months later when he was diagnosed with autism, Lee and Sandra were speechless–unable to articulate all the emotions they wrestled with.

Speechless:God’s Grace in My Son’s Autism is Sandra’s story of the first year of their journey as special needs parents. It is also the story of God’s grace in their lives and the life of their son.

green watercolor background30 Prayers for Special-Needs Parents by the Not Alone team.

Written by the Not Alone (specialneedsparenting.net) blogging team and friends, this book covers topics important to special-needs parents, like waiting for a diagnosis, wanting a friend who “gets it,” and missing milestones. Contributing authors include a verse from Psalms or Proverbs, a devotion, and a prayer on each topic.

Includes devotions and prayers from: Kelli Anderson, Lorna Bradley, Kathleen Deyer Bolduc, Sarah Broady, Faith Clarke, Jeff Davidson, Shannon Dingle, Barbara K. Dittrich, Mike Dobes, Cindi Ferrini, Caroline Flory, Ann Holmes, Jennifer A. Janes, Sandra Peoples, and Debbie Sutherland

Sandra is represented by Credo Communications and is currently working on a book to be published by Bethany House Publishers in 2018.

You can contact her for speaking events by emailing sandra@ sandrapeoples.com.


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