Supporting Students with Invisible Disabilities

What are invisible disabilities? Invisible or hidden disabilities include emotional, behavioral, or developmental disorders/diagnoses with no apparent physical symptoms or characteristics.  Includes students with Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Anxiety disorders Autism spectrum disorders Developmental disabilities  Learning disabilities  PDD NOS Oppositional defiant disorder Mood disorders (depression, bipolar) Attachment disorders (common in adopted and foster care children) Fetal … Read more

Behavior Support

An important skill in disability ministry and any ministry with kids and teens is how to support positive behavior choices and decrease opportunities for distracting behavior. All behavior is communication. It’s our job to figure out what the child is communicating with the behavior and fill the need before it leads to distracting behavior. The … Read more

Creating ISPs (Individualized Spiritual Plans!) for Students with Special Needs, Learning Disabilities, and Behavioral Diagnoses

  At our church, our special needs ministry’s goal is to communicate the gospel to every child in a way they understand and in an environment where they feel comfortable. Because every child is unique, we have developed ISPs for each one—individualized spiritual plans! Similar to what the students have at school under their IEPs, our … Read more