Five Ways to Pass On Old Toys

We woke up, we opened, we played, and now we have no where to put the new toys! This week at our house we’re sorting through all the toys to see which ones don’t get played with anymore. With a couple bins full already, I thought about what to do with them. Here are five … Read more

Respect Your Husband

Paul, inspired by the Holy Spirit, knew what married couples for countless generations would need to remember. Husbands are told to sacrificially love their wives, a love that doesn’t come naturally. Wives are told to respect our husbands, and we have to admit, that doesn’t come naturally either. Have you ever been around a couple … Read more

Calling to Do More

I want to do what God has called me to do. I want to do all God has called me to do. Does anyone else feel the difference in these two statements? For me recently there’s been almost a conflict between them. I want to do what God has called me to do. I want to be … Read more

10 Things Every Pastor’s Wife Needs

I’ve only been a pastor’s wife for eight years, but I’ve already learned a thing or ten about what we need when our husbands are in ministry!  A go-to casserole recipe. Whether it’s for the pot-luck dinner or taking to a new mom, you need an easy recipe that you practically have memorized and always have … Read more