Our Summer Plans & Priorities // Ep. 068

This is episode 68, and today I’m talking about our summer plans! I’ll share what each one of us has planned and how we’re making decisions on what our priorities need to be. With the world opening up, we have to be careful not to overextend ourselves in a rush to do all the things … Read more

Supporting Special Needs Siblings // Ep. 67

  I am a special needs sibling raising a special needs sibling. Encouraging other parents to love and support the typical kids in their families is a passion of mine. So today I’m talking through seven phrases every special needs sibling needs to hear. They apply to every age and stage of development. And I … Read more

Help for Fast and Slow Decision Makers // Ep. 066

  This is episode 66, and today we’re talking about making decisions. We talk about that a lot here, partly because it’s such a huge part of our lives. And as I’ve talked with my husband Lee and other friends about the decisions they make and how they make those decisions, I’ve noticed we all … Read more

Going First in Friendship // Ep. 65

There are extra barriers for caregivers in friendship. But to have the kinds of friendships you want, you have to be the kind of friend you want. And that may mean you go first. We’re going to talk about going first in three ways that will strengthen your friendships! Quick Links: April’s self care newsletter … Read more