How Our Suffering Points to Our Savior with Meg Apperson, author of Sky Full of Stars // Ep. 045

  Meg Apperson—author, blogger, military wife, and homeschooling mom—knew God her entire life and truly believed she trusted Him with everything. But when her daughter Avery was born with an extremely rare and serious birth defect that could take her away at any moment, Meg realized that Jesus was her everything. In her book, Sky Full of … Read more

Managing Your Mental Health with Gillian Marchenko // Ep. 38

  “Right now, today, I can say, ‘God you are good. I have moved into a place with You that I have not been before, and I know it’s through these weaknesses and struggles in my life.’” – Gillian Marchenko Author Gillian Marchenko joins me for episode 038 as we talk about her depression, my … Read more