Creating ISPs (Individualized Spiritual Plans!) for Students with Special Needs, Learning Disabilities, and Behavioral Diagnoses

  At our church, our special needs ministry’s goal is to communicate the gospel to every child in a way they understand and in an environment where they feel comfortable. Because every child is unique, we have developed ISPs for each one—individualized spiritual plans! Similar to what the students have at school under their IEPs, our … Read more

The Why Behind Hobbies // Ep. 063

  This is episode 63, and we’re talking about why hobbies are fun. I know that as an abiding caregiver, lots of things in your life probably feel hard. That’s why it may be even more important for you to have a hobby, something that feels fun. In this episode, I’m not going to tell … Read more

Planning for a peace-filled holiday season with your family

  When you think of the upcoming holidays, what words come to mind? Unfortunately for many of us, it’s likely words like stress, exhaustion, overspending, and family tension. But my prayer for this year is that we can get through Thanksgiving and Christmas with one word on our hearts—peace. Scripture talks about peace often. First, … Read more