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From my blog reading: (Earlier this week I shared blogs I’m keeping up with this month for their 31 Days series. These links are from even more blogs I’m loving lately.) Hospitality Begins at Home from Kristin at The Schell Cafe. Encouragement for the days when we blow it before breakfast. Learning from a Lesbian … Read more

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From blog reading: Why a man eats another man’s heart – from CNN. “A Syrian rebel carves the heart out of a dead man and bites it. His comrades nearby cheer: ‘God is great.’” How does a man get to that point? James Dawes explains, and shares this advice for those of us raising sons, … Read more

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From blog reading: 11 Things Happy Authors Don’t Do from Rachelle  Gardner – Such good advice! I sent off our newest book for formatting this week and needed to read this post as I tried to get over the fear. Why You Should  Waste Some Time Today by Shauna Niequist – Having trouble transition from … Read more