My One Verse for 2013

This year, instead of picking one word, I’m picking one verse. In 2009 it was grace. In 2010 it was self-control. In 2011 it was humility. In 2012 it was joy. This year, instead of picking just one word, I’m picking one verse. One verse that will guide me in making decisions. One verse that will … Read more

Welcome to Impact

 I want to make an impact in 2013. I want to make a difference in my family, church, community, and world. And I want you to join me. Impact’s purpose is to help you discover the mission God put on your heart, and connect you with organizations and people who share your mission. We’ll talk … Read more

Raising Missionaries

When my husband and I were in seminary, we had a little joke to be able to tell the missionaries from the rest of us. Missionaries were the ones who wore flip flops in January. They spent more time outside in the grass than in the library. You could go to their houses and probably … Read more