Click Here Vol. 36: Favorites from My Blog, Book, and Bible Reading

From blogs: I read so many good posts this week! I narrowed down the list to four, but you want to see them all, they’re on my Pinterest boards!

From books:

I finished Jen Hatmaker’s For the Love and am almost done with Bryan Stevenson’s Just Mercy. I liked parts of Hatmaker’s book but didn’t love it. Just Mercy is an inspiring book and I’m so glad I waited my turn on the library wait list. (affiliate links included)

From the Bible: 

In the service on Sunday, we read through parts of the book of Acts. There’s no better book to encourage a church planter’s heart. Love seeing that “the word of God increased and multiplied” (Acts 12:24) and love seeing that continue.

Around the house:

Looking back on this week felt like I was looking back on two weeks! Maybe it was having Monday off that got me off my routine. Or starting homeschooling. Or having appointments each day. Or still trying to figure out how to get James in ABA (apparently it’s not going to happen at school and insurance isn’t required to cover it in Texas, so we’re still thinking and praying). (This older post from Addie Zierman helps explain why we struggle to transition in September. It encouraged me!) I didn’t take many pictures, but I did get the highlights, like our time at the beach on Sunday, David’s first day of 4th grade on Tuesday, and James enjoying this fun Saturday morning.

IMG_1147 IMG_1163


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