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The Stubenville events and trial have broken my heart, as both a woman and a boy mom who hopes to have daughters-in-law and granddaughters one day. These are the best posts I’ve read on how we should take action to prevent events like these from happening in our families and schools:

After Stubenville: 25 Things Our Sons Need to Know about Manhood by Ann Voskamp – 

The thing is: Real Manhood means you hallow womanhood. A woman isn’t a toy to amuse your lusts, a thing to aggrandize your ego, a trophy to adorn your manhood. A woman is of your rib, who birthed your rib, who cupped your rib, who is meant to be gently cherished at your rib, at your side.

The culture of boys will be boys — means girls will be garbage and you were made for more than this, Son. Your Dad and I believe boys will be godly and boys will be honoring and boys will be humble.
The Day I Taught How Not to Rape by Accidental Devotional –

I realized then that some of my [students] were genuinely confused. “How can she be raped?” they asked, “She wasn’t awake to say no.” These words out of a full fledged adult would have made me furious. I did get a good few minutes in response on victim blaming and why it is so terrible. But out of the face of a kid who still has baby fat, those words just made me sick. My students are still young enough, that mostly they just spout what they have learned, and they have learned that absent a no, the yes is implied.
Was It My Fault at Scary Mommy – (language warning)

I was drunk and stupid and only 17. But none of that was my fault.

And it’s taken me 27 years to realize that it wasn’t my fault.


Not a post, but a Ted Talk from Bono on the good news about global poverty.  We’re making the world an easier place to live for those in poverty, and we need to keep it up.


And a few more:


I guest posted at the blog for the {in}courage community for special needs moms, {in}able and {in}cluded. Most of the special needs families we meet don’t go to church because it’s just too hard. So, I gave tips for visiting a new church with your special needs child and shared how our church has evolved to meet James’s needs.  Here are the links:

Tips for Taking Your Special Needs Kids to a New Church and Take Your Special Needs Kids to Church: Our Church’s Story 


What were your must-read posts for this week?

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  1. Thank you so much for the share. I am poking around and realize we have a lot in common!

    • I enjoyed not only your post, but also how it reminded me of how fun teaching that age of kids was for me! I loved those no-longer-kid but not-yet-adult years.

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