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“I will be there to share in both hard and good, to divide the sorrow and double the joy.

I will give your kids extra grace when they are ornery in front of me. And when they are having a moment, the only thought I’ll entertain is it must be your turn for the hard day. Yesterday was mine. And probably tomorrow, too.”

favorite links this week from Impact -

  • Most of you may not be sports fans, but one of my favorite football players got a big honor this week. Barry Sanders was voted as the cover player for Madden 25. Barry Sanders played for my Oklahoma State Cowboys and then the Detroit Lions. I voted for him. 🙂
  • Our local newspaper did an article about our church’s special needs ministry and our family. It has  opened up some opportunities to talk about the gospel with people in our lives. I’m humbled by how God is using James to impact others.
  • I’m not going to get into the whole back story on this, since you can read it if you’re interested, but Jonathan Merritt wrote a thoughtful response to an upcoming book on that attacks the Christian adoption movement.

“About the only thing Kathyrn Joyce gets right is that there is indeed an adoption movement sweeping through Christian churches and communities. Thousands of orphaned children have been given someone to call ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy’ as a result. Believers in America are finally waking up to their responsibility to demonstrate mercy to those in need—orphans, the poor, immigrants. These are trends that should be celebrated, not criticized.”

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  1. Yes – that special needs post from Huffington post made me tear up. I’ve shared it with several people!

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