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We had such a busy week this week! I’m slowly getting over pleurisy and am trying to get off the pain meds and make up for the last two weeks I’ve been out of it. That meant extra cleaning, cooking, homeschooling, therapy, and book reading! I didn’t get as much online time as usual so my link list is a little short, but I did want to share my favorites with you.

  • I love everything about this Ode to the Public Library from Lisa Writes. I love her memories of growing up going to the library, the mental images of her boys at the library when they were young, and how she uses the library now.
  • I appreciated “Jesus Love the Scantily Clad” over at It’s a great reminder that God looks at our hearts and past the turtle necks and ankle-length skirts or the tank tops and cut-off shorts.
  • “‘Pinterest stress’ afflicts nearly half of moms, survey says” – an interesting post from Today. “Aiming for magazine- or Pinterest-worthy perfection all the time is an impossible goal for anyone, especially when you’ve got kids. And striving for perfection is a major source of stress for moms: One in four mothers told our TODAY Moms survey that the pressure they put on themselves to be perfect is a top cause of stress, and 75 percent report that the pressure they put on themselves is worse than any pressure or judgment they get from other moms. The result? Our average stress level is 8.5 out of 10, the survey says.” 
  • The biggest hit around here this week has been Begin from The Growly Series by Phil and Erin Ulrich (Amazon link is an affiliate link). I worked with Phil and Erin to edit this book, so reading it with David is actually my third read through and I still love it. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the unofficial start of summer with good food, extra time with family and friends, and flip flops.

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