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  • click hereWhat books would Hemingway recommend to a young writer? Check out this list. It’s even in his handwriting. So cool!
  • Sometimes, special needs parents need to stand on the shoulders of other giants. Craig Johnson tells the story of help that came right on time for him and his family.

Happy June, friends! We’ve been enjoying lots of extra time outside, and I forgot how much extra laundry that creates. One day this week James wore four different outfits (he had two dips in the pool). At least June means no socks to wash, dry, match, fold, and put away. They are my least favorite laundry item. June

Next week on the blog I’ll be sharing a June status update, reviewing Leading a Special Needs Ministry by Amy Fenton Lee, and writing a little about my time in seminary. Hope you’ll join the conversations!

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  1. Thanks so much for including my Do Not Depart article, Sandra!

    This is another great round-up of articles. I’ve read the Simple Homeschool, Not Alone, and Michael Hyatt posts. Those are all good. Very neat about the Ernest Hemingway book recommendations, and that’s an intriguing article on artists in the church. Love the variety of posts you included here!

    • Thanks! You’re probably one of the few who likes all the same topics I do. 🙂 Glad we have each other!

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