Fist Bump Friday: The Summer Kick Off Edition

fist bump Friday

It was our first week out of school and on our new summer schedule! And we welcomed it with a bang, as you will see!

  • Fist bump to David, for being super brave and starting swim lessons this week. It wasn’t easy (he had a stomach ache each day about 15 minutes before it was time to leave), but he went each day and did his best. He’ll be ready for big fun this summer as he gets more comfortable in the water.

June 2014 105

  • Fist bump to James’s TSS, who spent 15 hours with us this week and was as wonderful in hour 15 as she was in the first hour. It’s an adjustment for me to have someone extra around for three hours a day, but she makes it easy. She’s up for anything I suggest and great with James.
  • Fist bump to the delegates at the Southern Baptist convention this week in Baltimore (including my husband!) who voted me in as a member of the board of trustees for LifeWay (they didn’t actually say my name, but I was listed in the program!). I’m excited to get to serve my convention in this way!
  • Fist bump to our school district representative who takes homeschooling paperwork. PA is a tough state to homeschool in and I was a little nervous, but she was super nice. We’re looking forward to kicking-off third grade on July 1st!
  • Fist bump to the medical community (and specifically our family doctor) for not prescribing antibiotics for strep throat anymore. I hate taking medicine and was happy to hear her tell me to just get some extra rest and take Advil for the pain. (Lee was less happy and is still not convinced I’m telling the truth about this). 🙂
  • Fist bump to the Spurs for beating the Heat 3-1 so far. Hope they can win one more! Then I’ll start counting the days until football season. At least I have a some World Cup action for a  more couple weeks.
  • Fist bump to James, for answering “yes” for the first time this week! He usually repeats “yes or no” when we ask him a question, but yesterday he said yes with confidence to my question at snack time. He’s said it correctly lots more times since then. Just earlier this week I was praying, “If we could just teach him yes and no, I would feel like we were making real progress,” and it happened!

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