Marriage Prayers: 14 days of prayer for special-needs parents


Lee and I sat in a therapist’s office a year ago and told our story. It was our first session and our first time to meet our therapist, Jane. “Whoa,” she said when we talked about James’s diagnosis, how we reacted to that news, and the years that have followed. “Not all marriages would have survived that,” she said.

You may have heard that the divorce rate for parents of children with disabilities is higher than parents of only typical kids, but I haven’t seen any studies that prove it. Most of the parents of kids with disabilities I know are still together, doing the best they can to love each other well and balance the additional needs of their children.

Because of the extra pressures put on our marriages, there are steps we can take to make them as strong as possible. The most important step is prayer.

That’s why I’m devoting 14 days to praying for my marriage, and I hope you’ll join me.

If you sign up, from February 1-14 you’ll receive an email each day with a verse, prayer, and image. We’ll pray together for our marriages to be strong and healthy. We’ll pray for peace, for understanding, for expectations, for communication.

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