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From my blog reading: “For an Adult Reader, the Possible Verdicts Are Five” at Modern Mrs. Darcy. Ah, permission to enjoy the guilty pleasures we try to keep secrets.  Creating a Great About Page from Design by Insight. Maybe you need to ask yourself these three questions too? Some Different Advice to Those Raising African-American … Read more

Review: Leading a Special Needs Ministry

I got to know Amy Fenton Lee through her special needs ministry site, The Inclusive Church. I love reading her posts about special needs ministries around the country and what works for them. She has a passion for children with special needs, their families, and the growing number of churches who serve them. Thanks to … Read more

He Feels Your Pain

People wonder where God is when horrific events happen. When there are bombs or shootings. When there are murders and kidnappings. When there are hurricanes and floods. When there is starvation and sickness.  When there are accidents and diagnoses. I wonder, too. “But please, please—won’t you—can’t you give me something that will cure Mother?” Up till then … Read more