The Decision Fatigue We’ll Face as We Adjust to Life after the Pandemic // Ep. 026

  We’re all reemerging at different speeds from a season of isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. But instead of feeling freedom and optimism, many of us are facing new challenges. One of those challenges is being overwhelmed by having choices again and then feeling judged for the choices we’ll be making for our families. If … Read more

The Benefits of a Minimalist Wardrobe & a Monday Uniform // Ep. 013

  This is episode 13 and we’re talking about cleaning out your closet so what’s left really works for you. Your overflowing closet isn’t giving you more options. It’s actually limiting you. Let’s transition to a minimalist wardrobe for maximum efficiency. I’m also sharing the big wardrobe decision I’ve made to decrease decision fatigue and what I’ve created … Read more