Finding Joy on Mother’s Day, with Becky Davidson // Ep. 023

On this special Mother’s Day episode, I’ve asked Becky Davidson from Rising Above Ministries to join me as we talk about finding joy when our circumstances don’t meet our expectations. Becky is one of my favorite encouragers, and I’m excited to share her message with you today. Becky is mom to Jon Alex, who is … Read more

Keys to a Calm Christmas: Finding Friends Who Can Empathize

Last year we had a reporter from a local newspaper come over to talk about the challenges of the holidays for special-needs families. She asked good questions: “What do you do differently because of your son’s sensory issues?” “What’s hard about being out of his routine?” And my favorite, “What advice would you give to … Read more

Click Here: Favorites from my Book, Blog, and Bible Reading This Week (Vol. 48)

The end of the month is my favorite time! So much to look forward to when we flip the page on the calendar! September is a hard month to get through here in Houston. You want it to cool off, but it just doesn’t. Today is a gift though, with a high of 82! I … Read more