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From Blogs: I agree with this post from Eric Geiger, You’re Not a Leader if You Never Say You’re Sorry. He gives four reasons you might not be saying you’re sorry, and none of them are good. It’s getting close to peach season and I can’t wait to try Kristin Schell’s peach cobbler recipe! LifeWay … Read more

Growing Weary from the Same-ness of Special-Needs Parenting

Some days I grow weary from the same-ness. From teaching the same lessons.  From working on the same goals. From hearing the same mistakes. Every day feels the same. Like Habakkuk, I want to cry out “O Lord, how long … ?”  (1:2).  My son is six-years-old and I’m still changing his diapers, still lining up … Read more

Stories of Friendship on the Special-Needs Parenting Journey

We have loved reading through the stories you sent about friends you have made as you’ve walked the special-needs parenting path. Thank you so much for sharing your hearts with us. Special-needs parents often feel isolated and lonely. We need to reach out to each other and offer support and compassion. Your stories show us … Read more