5 Questions to Ask to Make Conversation Last Longer, Go Deeper

  When we have people over, my favorite part of our time together comes after dinner has been eaten, when the kids are playing independently, and we have all gotten comfortable on the couches. Wives kick off their shoes, husbands put away their phones, and everyone has a full glass of lemonade. That’s when the … Read more

Hospitality Tips for the Introvert Wife with an Extrovert Husband

I am enjoying Kristin Schell’s series on Outrageous Hospitality so much! Her questions at the end of each post really get me evaluating how I can open my home (and myself) up to more opportunities to welcome others. Here’s what I’ve been thinking about the last few days … I’ve mentioned my INTJ tendencies (INTJs … Read more

Impact Your Neighborhood

We had some friends over and they noticed a moving van in our neighbor’s driveway. “Oh, your neighbors are moving! Aren’t they the mean ones? Bet you aren’t sad to see them go!” Well, actually we aren’t too sad to see them go, especially their three barking dogs that run into our driveway and jump … Read more