Click Here: Vol. 25

I’m bringing back “Click Here” to share what I’m reading from blogs, books, and the Bible. (Amazon affiliate links included). From Blogs: Learning to Read without Books: Supporting Your Dyslexic Homeschooler from Simple Homeschool. We used some of these methods last year and this year David is reading at grade level! If you have a struggling … Read more

Goal for 2014: More Selfies

A few months ago we were hanging out with our friends Joey and Annette in their backyard around their fire pit. They brought out all the ingredients for s’mores and we got to work, melting marshmellows and trying to get the perfect amount of chocolate. My husband Lee had never made s’mores before, which the … Read more

What I Want Our Congregation to Really Appreciate about Their Pastor

Lee has had conversations with different people in the last week, talking about their former pastors at our church and other churches. In two of the conversations, about two different former pastors, both people told Lee the pastors couldn’t preach well, but they sure did love their people well. Because of those conversations, Lee and … Read more