When I Think about James’s Future

It’s Red Ribbon week at the boys’ school and each day has a different theme. Tomorrow the theme is to dress up like what you want to be when you grow up. David has lots of ideas—preacher, traveling evangelist (he really wants to ride around in an RV), professional gamer and YouTuber, and my suggestion, a voice actor (he does lots of great accents).

But I’ve been thinking all week about what James will wear. Not just what he’ll wear for dress up day, but what he’ll be wearing when he’s my age. What does his future look like?

I was mindful of the question all week and tried to encourage more independence than I usually do. He returned the cart to the bay in the parking lot after our trip to the grocery store. He got the tortillas out of the pantry so I could make his quesadilla. He put on his shorts all by himself. He didn’t know the word for “microwave,” but he communicated to me well enough to know that he wanted his food heated up. He helped take out the recycling. He “swept” the kitchen floor. I encouraged any skills he can strengthen that will make his future life (and my future life) easier.independent-james

We worked on something small each day that will hopefully make a big impact on his future.


James and Aunt Syble- his inspiration for the futureI don’t get discouraged when I think about his future because he has such a great role model in my sister. She turns thirty-nine in a few weeks and has a full and fun life. She lives at home with my parents, she volunteers at a food pantry, she watches her favorite shows each day, she goes to exercise class, and she adores her nieces and nephews. She’s happy.

Picturing James living a life similar to my sister’s was a huge encouragement to me.

What do I want for him? I want him to enjoy life with us, find something he loves and do it each day, serve at our church, and be healthy and active.

So tomorrow for future career dress up day, James will be going as Uncle James, and I will look optimistically into to the future as he follows in his aunt Syble’s footsteps.

More encouragement if you’re thinking toward your child’s future:

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  1. This absolutely warmed my heart. As our children get older , all of us special needs parents are concerned about where our children will be, what they will do. I love how Sandra reflects on her sisters’ involvement in her sons life too. Wonderful!

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