Tips for Planning a Girls’ Weekend

I meet with a small group of women once a month to eat, talk, pray, and discuss a book (either a book of the Bible or a book on a Christian living topic). We take the summers off from our formal study time, but still try to get together to just hang out.

Last summer we took a girls’ weekend to Atlantic City and this year we’re planning a weekend at Cape May, NJ. It is really fun for us to get away and get to know each other better (nothing like four women sharing one bathroom to help you get to know each other!).

Here are a few tips if you want to play your own girls weekend with your Bible study group, Sunday school class, or group of friends.

  1. Pick a date that works for the most people. There are eight of us in our group, and there’s no way all eight of us have the same weekend open. We  just had to pick a time that worked for as many of us as possible. Those who can’t go this year can hopefully go next year!
  2. Go somewhere that appeals to everyone. Last year we headed to Atlantic City. We ate out, walked on the boardwalk, and enjoyed sitting on the beach. When we talked about it after, everyone’s favorite part was just hanging out on the beach. So this year, we’re going to a quieter location.
  3. Be clear on the cost and split it up ahead of time. We shared the cost of the hotel room, gas, and tolls. We made sure we brought cash to pay each other what we needed to. You don’t want anyone holding a grudge about money months later.
  4. Plan activities, but not too many. We have one main goal for our girls weekends–to relax. So we don’t put much on the to-do list. Your group may want to shop, to go a movie, or eat at a place that requires reservations. Make sure to plan ahead and let everyone know the schedule (especially if you’re all sharing a bathroom). But include down time too, so everyone gets a chance to relax.
  5. Have fun and be safe. It’s funny the difference in what “girls weekend” may have meant when you were 20ish and what it means when you’re 30ish. We plan to be at our hotel room by 9:00 pm, each reading the books we brought along. That’s what we consider fun. Just time together to do what we want to do.
Do you have a girls’ weekend away? If so, what other tips would you share?

5 thoughts on “Tips for Planning a Girls’ Weekend

  1. Oh wow, a girls’ weekend sounds heavenly. I haven’t been on any kind of trip in years, much less with my girl friends. Maybe God will have something in store for me sometime next year!

    • I hope so! You’re so close to fun places that you wouldn’t have to travel far or spend much money!

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  3. I have a group of ladies that I have known since grade school (we are in mid 40’s now) and get together every year ..this year they are coming to see me on Siesta Key Beach! Can’t wait…trying not to over plan everything but I dont want them to be bored either.

  4. My sisters have annual girl’s weekend(same weekend every year! ) Stay in my fifth wheel& venture out! Have travelled no more than 100 miles and do different things each time. Lavendar fields, winery, farmer’s market, culinary tour,etc. This year, inviting our daughters & I have a surprise activity again. It is our blessing to enjoy our weekend. We have lost one sister so this is a very special time. Our husbands know and encourage us to enjoy.

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