What I Learned in December (Linking up to Chatting at the Sky)

I’m linking up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky to share what I learned this month!

My boys stood up in front of the church this month and both did great! James’s class sang a few songs and he stood with them, jingling a bell. David was a shepherd in his class’s skit and then read a verse during the children’t choir performance. I’m so thankful for how our church works with James (and other kids with special needs) so they can be included.

Trader Joe’s sells out of mint Joe-Joes well before Christmas. But, we did get some of their other treats which were almost as good!

It’s best to just hide the scale away in December. I put ours in the garage and haven’t regretted it.

Going to the grocery store with two boys is nothing compared to taking nine kids with different levels of visual impairment. Our son Joel’s teachers took him and his classmates to the store this month and shared a pic on their Instagram account. He’s the cutie on the right, looking at the camera and grinning. When he gets home, going to the store with us might be boring for him.

We only watch TV on the weekends. We don’t even turn it on most weekdays. But we watch a lot of sports, so it’s on all weekend. Lee and I played in a fantasy football league with other couples from our church. We came in last, so we’ll be hosting dinner for fourteen people in February. But, we battled it out for the winner in the consolation bracket (a tough battle for 7th place). I won.

I’m a big fan of Malcolm Gladwell’s books. I always learn a lot from them. I read three books by him this year, two in December.

I don’t like seeing movies in the movie theater. Lee and I went to see Catching Fire, which was awesome, but I was frustrated throughout the movie. The people in front of me smelled like smoke and peanut butter, the girl next to me couldn’t go ten minutes without texting (so her phone light would shine), and my feet don’t touch the floor in the theater seats, so I shift around a lot. And don’t get me started on the fool who decided popcorn was a good movie snack. It’s so loud! I don’t know whether this increased irritation is because I’m getting older or my introvertness is getting stronger. If it keeps up, by 40 I’ll never want to leave the house. 

Hope you had a wonderful December! Head over to Emily’s site to read what others learned this month!


4 thoughts on “What I Learned in December (Linking up to Chatting at the Sky)

  1. Hallelujah! Hide the scale!

    And movies — my husband and I think the same thing. But we have one place here in town that is more for adults – leather “lazy boy” type seats and it is really nice. It is the only place we go for movies now. We were wondering if it was our age, as well. Surely not 🙂

    Happy New Year Sandra!

    • I should clarify – it is not an “adult movie place” – ha! But a regular movie place that does not have a ton of kids talking and texting on their phones.

      That sounded so funny!

  2. We are neighbors over at Emily Freeman’s today and I love these lists of things we’ve learned! I have only heard of these Mint Joe Joe’s… our nearest TJs is a few hours away and we rarely get there! I hid the scale for December… we’ll see in January if I regret it or not? We saw Catching Fire over the holidays too… loved it. (Then again – our theater house was somehow relatively empty and quiet!) I am over 40 and I enjoy seeing a movie in the theaters once in awhile – but it is hard to beat watching in pjs all curled up on the couch!

  3. How great that your boys participated in the programs this month. My son is 34 years old this month and still remembers the verse he recited in a Christmas play when he was 5. Isn’t God’s Word amazing?! Love the Instagram pic. A-dorable! And…you’ve inspired me to put the scale away for January. Ugh…I’ve been dreading the numbers I’ll see. Blessings to you.

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