Want to Win Copies of Held for You and a Friend?

Our new Bible study for special-needs parents is oh-so-close to being available on Amazon! Do you want to be one of the first to get a copy? A free copy? How about two free copies? Here’s how:

Special-needs parents are called to walk a difficult path, but we aren’t called to walk it alone. In Held, we remind you that God has you in His grip. Nothing you encounter on this path is a surprise to Him. We also believe He designed us for community. That’s why our Bible study can be done alone, as a couple, or with a group of special-needs parents.

Has God already blessed you with a friend who is walking a similar path? We would like to give both of you free paperback copies of Held: Learning to Live in God’s Grip. To enter for a chance to win, we would love to hear about your friendship. Did you meet at church? At your children’s school? Has your friendship formed online? How is your friendship a blessing to you? How do you encourage each other?

Email us at held@sandrapeoples.com and share about your friendship in a few sentences.

We have 10 copies of our book to give away to five sets of friends! They will be chosen at random and contacted using the email address provided. Your friendship story may be featured on this site. Winners will be announced and contacted September 27th, 2013.

We can’t wait to hear about how God brought you and your friend together and how He’s using you in each other’s lives!   

Read the winners’ stories here!

13 thoughts on “Want to Win Copies of Held for You and a Friend?

  1. I met my friend Meredith after a near fatal miscarriage. She came to a small birthday gathering as the date of a friend of mine. We went to the same church, but never really bonded until after I moved to Texas and we started exchanging messages on Facebook. She has been an inspiration to me through some tough times. Her son is a bit younger than mine, but both are on the spectrum and we share a lot of similar stories. She’s a great friend and I would love to share this book with her!

  2. Thank you for this opportunity and thank you for writing this book! I met my precious friend Tereasa through my blog. She would often leave comments on my posts and I on hers. After awhile we realized how close our special needs paths were and we began emailing one another. We called each other “my sister in the trenches” because we understood the emotions, fears, highs and lows of parenting special needs children. We’ve talked by phone but have yet to meet face to face. She is always willing to let me vent and then encourages me to keep my eyes focused on Christ and trust Him to lead and guide us. She has been an incredible Godsend to me for several years and I would love to share this book with her!

  3. I met my wonderful friend, Debbie at an adoption picnic. She had 1 adopted son at the time and we had our daughter. Both children are special needs. We instantly became great friends to find out she lived down the road from me (recently moved) and was a daycare teacher just like me. During our friendship we have each adopted another special needs child making it 2 for each of us. When my son had 1/2 his brain removed she was right there at the hospital with me. When her son was removed from her home for her safety I was there for her. We call each other and just vent away while the other listens, attend special needs church together, camp together and Special Olympics. When my family needs to be held up her family is there for us. I would love to share this book with her!

  4. Oh, I have a good story! My son was 2 when he was diagnosed with autism and later replaced with SPD/ ADHD I felt SO alone and isolated. We spent a couple years in therapies franticly trying to get my son “out” of himself. In this time I visited a support group. It was depressing and only left me feeling hopeless. After a Christian retreat for Special Needs Parents through The Elisha Foundation did I realize how important it is to have HOPE and how God has a purpose for our children with special needs. After that retreat I started a support group called REST. We provide intentional rejuvenation, encouragement, support and truth for moms who have kids with special needs. We have just under 200 members and that is just in the last two years. Through this group I have made some VERY close friends. We all connect and grow through each others experiences. Sharing, ups and downs, therapists, strategies and LOTS of HOPE! So I went from feeling SO isolated to now having more friends than I can keep up with! I would LOVE to win a book so that I could put together a study group from our support group!!!

  5. I met my friend, Alyson, at church. She has a son with Asperger’s who is several years older than my son who also has Asperger’s. She has been such a support & encouragement to me, as she is always a few steps ahead of me on this journey. Best of all are her prayers. She is so faithful to pray for me and my son. I would love to be able to share this book with her. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time.

  6. I met my friend, Sandy, before I had my son Seth. I knew she had a young son with Down syndrome, but I didn’t know them that well. After Seth was born, Sandy freely and lovingly gave me advice, encouraged me, loaned me things, and I’m sure she lifts me up in prayer. Even though we live an hour away from each other, I know she’s always there for me when I need her. I’d love to “pay her back” for all of the help she has been to me by giving her a copy of this book!

    I also have another friend, Kallyn, who I met online whose son has T22q, and now she lives just a few miles from me and we finally met face to face at the grocery store a few weeks ago! She recognized my son from my pictures on Facebook! I would love to do a study with her as well.

  7. I am a member of a support group for moms with Special Needs kids. My son was diagnosed with early-onset bipolar disorder @ age 7. He is now 21 and functioning well in a job tailor-made for him by God. Unfortunately, I know the pain of walking “alone” through the Valley of Special Needs Kids. The ONLY thing that got me through ten years of my son being on the wrong medications and doctors advising us to do things blatantly opposed to God’s teachings was and is the Grace of God.

    Our support group is coordinated by a wonderful Christian friend. Michelle Cox, and through this group, I have become friends with several Christian moms. These young moms are crying out for a study that “gets it”, that meets us where we are as individuals (just like our God) and leads us through the rough times to Victory in Jesus. I would use this book to begin a Christian “chapter” of the Special Needs support group, and Michelle Cox would be a vital part of the group. And I could use the Scriptural insights as I mentor several of the young moms.

  8. My story is very simple, Ten years ago I had a child in my 5th grade Religion class who was definitely ADHD.I knew from his behavior that he would not be too welcomed in 6th grade. So I took him on his own. From there it snowballed and 50 children later we learn, love and proclaim. My worry is not the children any more it’s the parents. I would love to have these books to have sessions where the parents can can come to learn, love and proclaim. This is not possible with our church’s lack of money.So winning this would be like manna from heaven

  9. I am a parent of a just turned 16 year old son with Autism. Our church has a “Buddy Ministry” where folks are assigned a Special Needs child to guide, sit with, help, whatever their need(s) may be so the parents can participate in church services. There are many parents in our church that have Special Needs children that I would love to share a copy of this book with.

  10. I run a small Bile study group for 2 younger Mums from our church who both have kids on the Spectrum as I have worked extensively with Special Needs students from K-10 and am researching some specific material for our church ministry. We all need encouragement and hope and understanding as it is a hard slog for these Mums 24/7. This book sounds like it will definitely fill a niche to educate folk on acceptance and understanding for families that are struggling with special needs kids.

  11. I don’t have a tremendous story, or other moms/parents to share with. What I do have are remarkable twin boys, who just turned 4, and one of them has Ds. Oh, and a love for the Lord, but no guidance as to how to pray over my boys, especially Carter…….

    • I have several friends that I met at a support group that we started at our church. I am a grandmother of a special needs child and another church member was a special ed teacher that knew several families that needed some extra hugs, information, and encouragement. We decided to start a group and invited families from our community. This group has been meeting once a week for several years now and the members have truly become a family that reach out to each other and have loved each other through good times and difficult times. We have children in our family group with all kinds of special needs and we are learning together how to advocate for our children and how to support each other.

  12. Our youngest grandson was diagnosed at 2 with Autism. He just had his 7th Birthday this month. It has been a different life for us . School has helped him so much and we work with him each day after school. We are proud of every think he can do. He finally waved, bye,bye to us a couple months ago. He knows a lot but can talk. They will put 3 word on tv and we ask him where is Lamb? He will point to the word. We love him very much and he has taught us a lot. Including what is important. Reading books has helped me a lot. My daughter and son in law have health problems , some stress realted.

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