Eight Words/Phrases My Eight-Year-Old Says That I Didn’t Know at Eight

Today is my big boy’s eighth birthday! I was thinking about how different the world is now from the world around me when I was eight. When we went to the grocery store today and he told me he didn’t need to wear his jacket because of global warming, I laughed because that was certainly a phrase I didn’t say when I was eight years old. I thought about a few more words I hear from him that I would have never said.

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Eight words/phrases my eight year old says that I didn’t know at eight:

  1. Jedi
  2. remote
  3. voice mail
  4. “I need to plug my phone into the charger”
  5. app
  6. Quidditch
  7. “Take a picture of this with your phone”
  8. hashtag

And eight I said back in 1987 that he never says:

  1. “I have to do my homework” (he’s a homeschool kid)
  2. radio
  3. “Wood residence, this is Sandra speaking.” (The phrase I used when I answered the phone. He has never answered the phone without knowing who was calling.)
  4. Mrs. (he goes most days without seeing anyone he refers to as Mrs.)
  5. “My turn to sit up front!”
  6. Saturday morning cartoons
  7. “Mom, can you curl my hair?”
  8. She-Ra
Are there any words/phrases your kids say that make you think about how different their lives are now than how it was when we were their age?

1 thought on “Eight Words/Phrases My Eight-Year-Old Says That I Didn’t Know at Eight

  1. My kids, even my almost 2 year old, is always asking to play on my phone. My husband has an older phone and they never ask him. We have one of those little phones that you pull along behind you. One of them recently asked me what it was (old school with a rotary dial – I bought it for $1 at TJ Maxx a while back).
    Wii of course! My son wakes us up every morning asking if he can play Wii. I’m just glad he asks instead of just jumping on there even though we say yes every morning.
    Pretty funny list! I guess our lives and those of our children are totally different, huh??? 🙂

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